Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Witty for Sure

New Age Mama introduced me, via her blog, to what I think is my new favorite website. Have you seen I thought Threadless was clever, but BabyWit offers so much more than tee shirts. I'm browsing the site now and mentally composing Dex's Christmas list. Hey, while he's still too young to ask for anything, I am going to make sure he's stylish and cool.
Check out their site for more ridiculously awesome baby (and grown-up clothes) and gear. I am torn between the Bill Murray and Big Lebowski onesies.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Very Useful Crew

If your toddler is anything like mine, your house is starting to look more and more like a depot these days. That's right, we've got trains on the brain! Fortunately, Thomas the Tank Engine is children's programming that I can enjoy with D. I have to say, I even found myself singing the theme song to myself on the way to work today! We catch episodes when we can on PBS, but as we let D watch a little more TV here and there, it's important to me to make sure that what he's watching is monitored - meaning no chances to change the channel to something inappropriate, and no commercials. We can wait a few more years before he's begging for toys and sugary cereals, thank you!

That's why Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs from HIT Entertainment are a great idea. I can pop one in for 20 minutes, D can enjoy something he truly loves (Train! Train!) and I can get a little something done around the house!

You can win a copy of the exclusive-to-DVD "Thomas and Friends: Creaky Cranky" right now at!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dress You Up in My Love

I have to say, I have...unconventional taste in children's clothing. I abhor baby blue. I have been known to lose some of the more "precious" items that people have purchased for Dex to wear. Let's just say I hope this kid turns out to be a little rocker and I dress him for the part!

I've been loving the music-themed tees at Target lately. So far, Dex has tee-shirts featuring Queen, AC/DC, and The Grateful Dead (pictured here.) I can't say he's truly a fan of any of these bands yet, but hopefully his parents' influence will push him in the right direction.

I think this is why I find the current collection from The Children's Place so appealing! It's Rock and Roll while still maintaining a little bit of cute to keep the grandparents happy. You can win a $25 gift card to The Children's Place right now at Serendipity Mommy - check it out! And if you win, maybe pick up a little something punk for Dex.

To Enter or Not To Enter?

As a new blogger/follower, I see tons of contests that I can enter to win all kinds of goodies. From shoes to shampoo, pet food to pyrotechnics (okay, maybe not pyrotechnics) you can win it all. Where do you draw the line? Do you enter a contest just to enter, or do you only enter to win the prizes you'd genuinely love to have? Let me know how you decide whether or not an entry is worth your time!

I'm doing my best to stick to entering only for things I would love to win! For example, check out this Guidecraft Transportation Table and Chairs and Toybox Giveaway on Or don't, because that will decrease my odds of winning. As someone who is new at blogging and contesting, for a lack of a better word, I think this is how you do it. A great prize that is in demand (look at the number of entries so far!) because it is a great product. I'll be keeping my eye on this site for sure!
Ha! Might have to think twice about AdSense - they keep posting to buy Dexter on DVD. Not the same guy.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time to Revive

It's been a while, baby! Thinking about what it means to be a mommy blogger, and wondering if I should get this puppy going again.