Monday, August 23, 2010

I admit it.

I am a little bit of a t-shirt snob when it comes to my son. Anything baby blue or featuring a cartoon animal typically gets sent to the back of the closet and never seen again. I like fun, funky shirts that reflect his (okay, my) personality. That's why I am so hooked on Threadless Kids - the shirts are all super cute and cheeky, most definitely NOT your everyday tees!

My favorite is Big Hoax - I love the idea of a bunch of bunnies pulling a fast one on the people reading Weekly World News at the checkout counter.

Right now, Threadless is running a Back to Old School Sale - a ton of their kids tees are only $10 each, and kids' hoodies are $20. Time to stock up for D. Day care counts as school, right?

You can win a $25 Threadless gift card at Faithfully Frugal and Free, click here to enter!

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